5 Foolproof Tips For How To Dress For Your Personal Branding Photo Shoot

Having unique branded professional photos is a KEY element of creating your personal brand identity. It is the first thing that people look at when they come across you in the digital world and within a matter of seconds, they will make a judgement on who you are as a person. Professional images make the difference between being perceived as lacking credibility, to being THE person who your ideal clients trust and want to work with.

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So you have made the BIG step & have booked in a Personal Branding photo shoot. The big question though is "What do I wear to my photo shoot?” 

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get from branding clients, and rightly so! It is a crucial part of your planning! So to ensure your photos align with your brand and can be used smoothly across your brand’s many platforms, here are my top 5 tips for nailing your outfit for your personal branding photoshoot.


Colour Me

In terms of colours, think about the colour that best represents you & your brand. Do you have a colour that you wear often that you would like to incorporate into your photoshoot? It is a great idea to use a mood board with your colour palette to set the brand vibe, and pick at least one of these colours to come through in your photos. You don’t need to dress from head to toe in your brand colours, but you do want to stay within a style that reflects the mood board and palette. When you have chosen your main one or two colours, throw in some neutrals or black and you are on your way to a successful, brand driven outfit.

Another tip about colours, try to avoid really strong patterns, especially if you are wanting a more alternative or colourful backdrop for your photo shoot. The last thing we want is for your favourite dress to be clashing with the funky street art wall we picked for your location (see my last point about location selection for more) 

Business branding photography

Go In Style

Style has to do with the look and feel of the clothes you wear, however it is also plays an important factor in the locations & backdrops you choose for your photo shoot. 

For example if your approach with your clients is casual, relaxed and easy-going, you would avoid wearing a black business blazer & pencil skirt which speaks to a very corporate market. Instead your style would involve wearing your favourite casual dress or your best jeans & a smart blouse (in your brand colour?)

Similarly, to capture this style you would opt for more relaxed poses and a vibrant, nature-inspired location, away from corporate office buildings and spaces.

Personal Branding Photography

Crucial Comfort

A large part of your branding photo shoot involves lifestyle shots of you in your business life. So you may be asked to walk, or bend & squat or sit on steps or at a desk . . .The possibilities are endless. Hence it is essential you dress comfortably, right down to your shoes!! You will no doubt be walking between a few locations and even a couple of hundred metres will feel like miles if you are NOT comfortable.

'Comfortable' also refers to clothes that you are ‘mentally’ comfortable in, not just ‘physical’ comfort. For example, if you are self conscious about your chest size, choose outfits that do not draw attention to this body part. Go for higher necklines, scarfs or jackets that will help to draw attention away from this area.  Likewise, if you love your legs, wear a great pair of jeans or pants or a fitted skirt that highlights this and gives you added confidence. (Just remember to stick to your brand style too)

Personal Branding Photography

Outfit Ease

Many of my photo shoots are in public spaces, which means that there isn’t always the luxury of a change room for outfit changes. Therefore, being clever with your outfit choices, makes changing outfits a simple transition during your photo shoot, allowing you to concentrate on having fun and focusing more on your branding photo shoot and the exact shots we want to nail.

I recommend mixing things up by creating simple layers such as: a dress and cardigan combinations, or blouse and blazer/jacket combos. These, added with a change of accessories such as long necklaces and scarfs, give a whole new outfit in seconds, without the hassle of finding a change room. Similar principles can be applied with bottoms, bring a pair of pants or jeans to throw on after you have finished with your skirt or dress option.

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Venture Out

Get outside! Office-set corporate headshots where you are posed in awkward positions with boring grey backdrops do not showcase your personal brand! Your personal branding photoshoot should capture different aspects of your personality and be shot at a selection of locations. 

BUT . . . depending on your brand colour palette not all locations will suit or be great backdrops!

Let your photographer guide you in choosing locations that reflect your brand. For example, if your brand’s style is earthy and natural, consider having your photoshoot in nature-inspired locations with lots of trees, greenery, parks and the like. Similarly, If your brand’s personality is warm and inviting, avoid having photos taken in a dull office building!

Mix it up, be brave & let your photographer be creative! If you allow yourself to step out of the ‘norm’ you are more likely end up with unique branding mages that everyone will rave about and potential clients will be drawn to.


• Make sure you try on EVERY single piece of clothing before your shoot.

• Ensure that everything fits the way you want! 

• Check that there are no holes, rips or missing buttons! 

• Check that your under garment fits well with ALL your shirts & tops and nothing sticks out or shows through the tops. 

• Select clothes that won’t crease too quickly!

Hope these outfit tips help you to smash your next photo shoot and get fabulous images that truely reflect your business brand. If you would like to work or connect with me, I would love to have a chat. 

Stay In Focus



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