3 Must-Haves For Branding Shoot Success

Let’s face it, planning a branding shoot is hard work! There are so many things to consider and a lot of preparation is involved! But the process can be a whole lot easier if you follow the 3 key must-haves when planning a branding shoot: Knowledge, Research, Creativity

To really highlight the importance of these 3 key elements, I thought it would be best to use an example of a recent branding shoot with Stacey from Champagne and Gumboots.

When Stacey first contacted me about branding photography, requesting if I would travel to Toodyay for a shoot for her business, Champagne and Gumboots, I didn’t really know what I was signing myself up for and exactly just how much fun I was about to have!

So first… A bit about Stacey! Well, she describes herself as “a crazy mama who started her little biz venture in a hope to solve all of your gluten free baking woes. As a gluten intolerant person herself she knows all too well how hard it can be to constantly have to miss out on enjoying your favourite foods! None more so than cake!”

To be honest… I was sold at Gluten-Free Cupcakes - because I too have a gluten intolerance and totally loved Stacey’s mission to take classic Australian desserts and put a fabulous gluten free twist on them.

champagne and gumboots - branding shoot
Champagne and gumboots - branding shoot

Honestly, it was probably the most fun shoot I had done to date… You want to know why? Well let me paint you a bit of a picture: imagine pink frosted cupcakes & champagne, hunter gumboots with a pink tulle skirt and pink checkered flannelette shirt, a tree swing on a stunning rural property with super cute sheep! Ummm, could it possibly get any better than this??

And the reasons why it was so successful? Because all 3 ‘must-haves’ were solidly engrained in the foundations of this shoot.

Champagne and Gumboots - branding shoot
Champagne and Gumboots - branding shoot

KNOWLEDGE (understand your brand)

After Stacey completed her client brief questionnaire, I could tell straight away that she knew exactly what her brand was and what it ment to her. She provided a lot of details in her brief which made it so much easier for me to understand her brand and really start to get the juices pumping for some fun and creative ways to capture her authenticity.

It is so important for business owners to really understand their brand and how they want to be seen by their ideal clients. The message you convey needs to be consistent across all your marketing platforms with everything that you do within your business. If you do not understand your brand, how are you going to attract your ideal clients?

If you need help with your brand identity and want to uncover your authentic brand you can get your pretty little hands on your FREE ‘The Woman Behind the Brand’ Worksheet below:

RESEARCH (the right photographer for you)

So as it turns out, Stacey had been following (or is that stalking?) me for a while :) But that is perfect! It is so essential to be comfortable on the day of your shoot and to have built a trust with your photographer so all you need to worry about on shoot day is to have fun!

Having followed Ania for a long time on Facebook I knew she was the person for me. I knew after only a few minutes of chatting with her that the shoot would be a blast and that she was 100% on board. She and I seemed to flow rather seamlessly and her ideas were fantastic. It really showed that she had a great understanding of my brand and what I wanted to say with it.

When researching the right photographer for you, a good starting point is to look at their client portfolio and see if their style aligns with your needs and energy. Each photographer has their own tastes and styles, just as each client has different needs, so not all photographers will suit every business or brand. Do your research …

Champagne and Gumboots - branding shoot

CREATIVITY (get creative and have fun)

Branding photo shoots need to tell a story and capture the essence of your brand and business. The final images need to grab your ideal client’s attention and highlight your uniqueness. Look for inspiration everywhere you look and go! Make lists of things that are truly authentic to you and your brand. Even if these things sound silly or inappropriate (think of Stacey’s list from above), do not push them away too quickly and make sure you mention everything to your photographer - as you may just surprise yourself with how it can be used for your shoot!

The entire experience was everything I wanted it to be and more! My final images are awesome! They convey the look, the feel, and everything I want to say about me, my brand and my business. I feel they hit the nail completely on the head. All I want to do is keep looking at them and I’m so excited to implement them into my business.  

During our strategy planning consultation, Stacey mentioned a list of what may seem like random (and unrelated) items & props in or around her property. But with our thinking caps on, we turned this randomness into fun and playful props which in turned allowed us to create some magical authentic images. Don’t be afraid to think outside the square!

Champagne and gumboots - branding shoot

If you have been thinking about having a branding shoot, but just have no idea where to start, then make sure you embrace the ‘3 must-haves’ before you undertake your project. Understand who you and your brand are, research the right photographer to get the style you want and don’t be afraid to get creative with your shoot (it will only just make it more fun!!).

If you need help with understanding yourself and your business, you can start to uncover your authentic self with the FREE ‘The Woman Behind the Brand‘ worksheet below.

Champagne and Gumboots - branding shoot
Champagne and Gumboots - branding shoot

If you are ready to take the next step and want to start planning your branding photo shoot, why not book a Discovery Call with Ania to get you up and running.

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