My niche is AUTHENTIC


small business branding photography

Are you PETRIFIED at the thought of being the centre of attention in front of a camera?

Know you need to put your face out there for your brand, but struggle with the fear?

I know! I get it… I am EXACTLY the same!

That’s why I strive to make your branding photoshoot as organised, relaxed and fun as possible!

I love to work with small business & entrepreneurial women, particularly in the health, wellness and creative industries, who seek photos that represent their true authentic self. My attention to brand values and creativity enables my clients to confidently show up as their best self consistently across all marketing platforms.

Hello Lovely! I'm Ania, a natural light photographer with a niche in AUTHENTIC branding photography.

small business branding photography

My photography passion lies in Branding Photography, because as a business owner myself, I understand the importance of setting yourself apart with custom imagery. It's one of the smartest branding investments you can make for your business. I love helping clients tell THEIR stories and build a brand personality through authentic images. BUT… I also totally understand the nerves involved in being the centre-of-attention in a photoshoot and how so many of us think we “look too fake” in photos.

So I do things a little differently… I try to really get to KNOW YOU!

And there is one main requirement I ask of you… Be prepared to have FUN! LOTS of fun…

My branding pre-shoot strategy consultations give me the edge I need to get an insight into YOU as a person AS WELL AS an in-depth understanding of your business’s core values. We work together to capture the essence of your authentic brand through natural light, custom photography, to deliver imagery that create a personal connection with your customers and that tell YOUR compelling story.

I haven't always been a photographer though…

small business branding photography

My career started out in the dental industry! Yes, that is right, I'm one of those people that most hate going to see (and many will tell us how much they hate us)  - I am a dentist! I have spent 14 years helping patients love their smiles, overcome phobias & improve their oral hygiene, as well as running my own practice for almost 7 of those years. But I felt like something was always missing . . .

The drive and spark to ignite more of my creative side!

So many people ask, 'Why give up a respectful, health professional career?' The answer is easy, I LOVE what I do! It's that simple!  I want to be behind the camera, use my creative streak,  meet new people  and  create magic .  .  . Long story short, this is what makes me happy and gives me that spark I have been searching for!

Why Enriched By Light?

I’m a natural light photographer.

small business branding photography

This means that instead of taking your branding images in a studio under artificial lights, I’ll use natural light whenever possible. 

Why do I work this way? I want to create real images of you and your business to help you reach your clients in a sincere, trustworthy way. 

Natural light is not only flattering on skin tones, but gives a truthful and approachable appearance to custom imagery. It is also ever changing, and the uniqueness of the light is hard to replicate from one shoot to another. This means that your images will never look like just another studio shoot. Your photos will always stand apart.

small business branding photography
Ania recently did my new brand images for Fusion Biz Babes, which I LOVE! She went above + beyond to capture the essence of my brand, and made me feel so comfy in front of the camera. It felt like just a couple of good friends having a laugh together. I feel the final images capture the bright, welcoming + playful vibe of Fusion perfectly!
— Ashley - Founder, Fusion Biz Babes
Ania has been so amazingly professional and easy to deal with. I hate having my photo taken at the best of times but her pre-shoot questionnaire and consult have really helped me see the importance of the RIGHT pictures as well as teaching me more about my own brand. She had a look at what I was already doing and had some super insightful (and totally bang on) feedback to share.
— Kristi - Functional Health Practitioner
small business branding photography

I LOVE to have FUN!